Managing Director’s Message

Spreading cheer

We’ve been commercially rearing wagyu cows since 2017.

As the oldest son in a livestock farming family, it was assumed that I would take over the family business, but after graduating from high school, I spent nine years working for a completely different company.
After leaving that company, there was nothing that really took my fancy, but I had just gotten married, so for the first time in my life, I made a résumé.

The memory of one interviewer throwing my résumé back at me and shouting “Why would I hire someone like you? You have no qualifications!” is still seared into my mind.

I thought back to all the people who had told me “You should have taken over the farm! Then you’d never have needed to worry about finding a job,” and all the people who had said “Who would work in a dirty, stinky barn?” All at once, I knew I had listened to the wrong people. I had made a big mistake.
That regret inspired me to start Matsumoto Shoji.

After converting the land all on my own, I began rearing wagyu cows with help from the companies I deal with. I now have about 100.

There have been some mishaps along the way—one day I went to the barn and found that a cow had broken the water pipe; another day a cow got its head stuck in the fence. But my babies inspire me to keep going every day.

And so I keep meeting each new challenge as it comes, with the hope of spreading some cheer in the world.

Akinori Matsumoto
Managing Director, Matsumoto Shoji Co., Ltd.

About Matsumoto Shoji

Trade nameMatsumoto Shoji Co., Ltd.
Address7826 Aza-Ichiyan, Ichiyan-cho, Fukagawa City, Hokkaido 074-0028
EstablishedMarch 1, 2017
Nature of businessRearing and sale of wagyu cows